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Emily Dunham

Emily Dunham resides in Chippewa Falls, WI, with her crazy-amazing husband Alan and their four crazy-amazing kids. Emily has a heart to dig into the Scriptures and proclaim the powerful truths with the hope to set the captives free. With that, Bible Diggers was formed and from there, messages like Desirable Beauty, Love-Worth-Purpose, and You Have a Name came to be.

My favorite weather is... 

All of it! The transition of one season to the next has always fascinated me. However, if I had to choose, I guess I’d say spring. Hearing the water trickle as snow melts, hearing the birds chirp, and seeing the green hue awaken. Oh, I’m so thankful for SPRING!!

Relaxing to me...

Sitting in a lawn chair at the lake, hearing the loons, boat motors and laughter of family.

A piece of Scripture that has greatly impacted me…

Ezekiel 16. It is intense, profound, and freeing. It is in this Scripture that I began to understand the depth of deception in self-worship…and the havoc it drags in its wake. BUT THE BEAUTY it depicts is GOD’S great mercy and love…both of which I am in desperate need of.

When I have a moment to myself, you can find me…

… sitting in my yellow chair in our sunroom.

… driving to Panera for a little study and snack time.

… taking a nap.


Kelly Blake

Kelly Blake resides in Eau Claire, WI, with her amazing husband Mike and their 4 boys, ranging in age from 12-20. Kelly is very involved with her boys’ various activities and loves working with the Youth Group at her church. She also loves opportunities to serve and to be the hands and feet of Jesus to others.

My favorite weather is...

I love jeans and sweatshirt temperatures and the sheer beauty of the fall season, but also love the water and beach weather!

Relaxing to me...

Being out in nature among God's beautiful creation, whether it be the beach with friends, walking or riding in the woods, a campfire, or anywhere else that a list of to do’s is not hovering over me.

A piece of Scripture that has greatly impacted me…

1 Thessalonians 5:16-18 is just one of so many Scriptures that has impacted my life and attitude greatly. It showed me the importance of being filled with joy, thankfulness, and a prayerful attitude. Sometimes joy is a choice we need to make despite difficult circumstances that can surround us, not to be confused with happiness.

When I have a moment to myself, you can find me…

…reading outside, when weather permits.


Heather Clutter

Heather Clutter lives in Chippewa Falls, WI with her wonderful husband and 3 small children. When she's not coordinating chaos at home, she works part-time as the Children's Ministry Director at their church. She is able to use her passion for Christ and her love for people to help minister to the families in their church and community, and encourage them with the hope of the gospel.

My favorite weather is...

Definitely summer. Growing up in California, my love for sun and warmth go deep. The more sunshine, the better!

Relaxing to me...

is sitting out under the sun, listening to my favorite worship music, and praising my Father for His majestic creation.

A piece of Scripture that has greatly impacted me…

Proverbs 3:5-6 is always a go-to passage for me. As one that tends to be a super-organized, plan-ahead type of person, I can easily forget to go to the Lord first, and ask Him to be a part of even the most basic decisions and plans in life. I've had to learn to stop planning everything out to the smallest detail, and simply trust in Him, and His perfect plan for me, my family, and this life that He's given me -- and that in HIS perfect time will He bring everything together.

When I have a moment to myself, you can find me…

…Snuggled in my favorite blanket on the couch, soaking up the quiet moments (usually after the kiddos are in bed).

…working on my current craft project while watching some Netflix.


Tara Lock

Tara Lock resides in Chippewa Falls, WI with her three great kids. She enjoys watching and supporting her kids in activities and events they participate in. She loves to study the Scriptures to know her God more. When she is not working at the High School, you can be sure to find her with a friend or group studying the Bible.

My favorite weather is... 

Summer. I like the warmth of it and the ability to relax in the sun. It’s the season where I really enjoy my front porch.

Relaxing to me...

is for sure coffee with friends; add my Bible to this mix and that is a recipe for a GREAT day.

A piece of Scripture that has greatly impacted me…

One of the scriptures I found most impactful in my life has been Jeremiah 29:11. During the ups and downs of the last few years of my life I’ve not always understood why things were happening the way they were. However, realizing that God is in control and that He has a plan for me has helped me build my trust in Him and what He is doing in my life.

When I have a moment to myself, you can find me…

…at my parents lake house enjoying the outdoors.

…taking walks with my friends.

…relaxing on my front porch with my Bible.


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