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Desirable Beauty in Clear Lake, WI

Some sweet-sweet girls!! Ashley, Nicole and Katie

This was the first time we had a mix of women and teens. The ages ranged from 9 to 78...I only know those ages because someone had told me. How cool is that, the Holy Spirit does not discriminate...His word can speak to all ages.  AMAZING!  This also was a first, in that my daughter, Tirzah, came with me.  This marked a special memory for the both of us. She was able to finally sit in on what she had been hearing about.  When the day was done, I asked what her thoughts were, she replied, 'Well, I didn't learn anything new, you've told us all that stuff already.' :) I believe her favorite part was being able to help her Aunt Heather sell the 'Beauty Is Fleeting' t-shirts. 

Desirable Beauty in Neilsville, WI

Left: Alyssa Right: Jeni

 A special day for sure!  Not only did I have the chance to share the Desirable Beauty message with our home church... but for the first time ever, we had special music by Jennifer Glaze and Alyssa Anding.  Hopefully not the last. :)

Desirable Beauty in Rochester, MN

Look at them! Like Bereans with their Bibles!

The weekend with these girls was an amazing blessing. I had the sweet opportunity to hang out with my sister Tami's youth group and even room with blast...lots of laughs...and good Twizzlers. On a serious note, the Lord reminded me, once again, of His great love and faithfulness.  The message of 'Desirable Beauty' was presented twice, and both sessions were full of beautiful girls ready with Bible and pen in hand. :)

Desirable Beauty at EFCA Challenge Conference Columbus OH

Lovely participants for the lipstick illustration--super troopers! 

This youth conference was packed full of amazing rally time. The rallies consisted of worship music, and powerful study of God's word in Matthew 5, the beatitudes. It was a privilege to share the message of Desirable Beauty with so many girls. Once again, I was amazed at the power of God's Word and how that alone penetrates hearts. He is Mighty and Awesome indeed!